$69.95 - MINI Oil Change Special! Includes up to 5 quarts of synthetic oil with lube, oil, and filter change, fluid top-off, and multi-point courtesy inspection. Valid only for 1st time customers. Cannot combine with any other offers. Does not include sales tax, hazardous waste fee. ... [more...]
Don't even bother with any other BMW mechanic!
Daniel's B & M will tell you the exact problems with your vehicle, and the easiest
steps to keep your vehicle working great.
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MINI Service and Repair

Do you think of your MINI as a Go Kart for grown ups? Daniel's B&M Cars bets you have a lot of fun driving the streets of Sunnyvale, just stay safe! How can you stay safe? By bringing your MINI into our shop for the repairs and maintenance it needs. Our team works hard to make sure that the MINI service and repair work you need done is of the highest quality in the entire Sunnyvale area. In fact, you may have to go to Germany to get a better job done!

Our investment over the years in high tech computer diagnostic equipment pays off greatly when it comes to doing MINI service and repair work. You may not realize it, but that is one high tech grown up Go Kart you’re driving! There are between 20 to 35 computers onboard. Each one communicates with all of the others and each one is capable of storing 20 to 50 different types of trouble codes. Daniel's B&M Cars has long had the latest equipment around. Now, in the age of the computer controlled car, it is really paying off for our customers in Sunnyvale.

The high standards set by the MINI factory are ones which we consistently strive for. Your car will see some abuse over the miles it puts on, but Daniel's B&M Cars wants to do everything possible to keep that wear from showing. If you bring your MINI service and repair work to us consistently, do your preventative maintenance, and treat your car well, we think it is possible for your grown up Go Kart to reach 180,000 miles. Come by our shop in Sunnyvale to take us up on this challenge!

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